The Lloyds Range

Professional fine turf and gang mowers, designed from the ground up to deliver exceptional results.


The Lloyds Paladin mower is a professional fine turf mower, combined with a single 'click adjuster' for quick height adjustment.

Paladin Dual

The Lloyds Paladin mower with dual adjuster provides an infinitely variable cut height, ideal for bowling greens, tennis courts and golf putting greens.

Paladin TG

The Paladin TG is a single-click or dual adjuster fine turf mower with addition of a groomer for removal of lateral grasses and debris.

Standard Leda Gang Mower

The Standard Leda Gang Mower is efficient and precise, perfect for frequently maintained turf such as golf fairways and ornamental lawns.

Giant Leda Gang Mower

The Giant Leda Gang Mower is robust and powerful, perfect for infrequently cut grassland such as playing fields, golf course rough and airfields.

Leda Frames and Units

Leda cutting units and frames, allow you to extend your existing Leda Gang Mower.