140 Years of Mowing Heritage


Why Lloyds Mowers

Professional Fine Turf Choice

Designed from the ground up to deliver exceptional results, the Lloyds Paladin has decades of use and refinement. The various configurations and options provide the flexibility to tackle any fine turf job with the reliability to deliver exceptional results every time.

Design & Development

Renowned for innovation and continuous evolution of product through customer driven feedback, utilising the latest design technologies.


Using the latest high performance materials with a highly skilled team of engineers we produce quality components for enhanced reliability.

Customer Service

We are committed to deliver the highest levels of customer service through consistent review of performance, enhanced training programmes and internal and external feedback.

Genuine OEM Spare Parts

We understand the importance of maintaining performance of your mower and reducing machine downtime. We carry a vast stock of spare parts, which can be dispatched next day delivery through our dealer network.


Gang mowers are one of the most efficient methods for cutting large areas of grass with low power input. We believe this tried and tested design built for longevity helps keep waste and emissions down.