Fine Turf Mower

Paladin Dual

  • Golf Green
  • Bowling Green
  • Tennis

The Lloyds Paladin self-propelled mower with twin adjuster gives the finest cut for bowling greens, tennis courts and golf putting greens.

The Lloyds Paladin Dual, with its twin adjuster, provides the capability to set an infinitely variable cut height so the perfect playing surface can be achieved.

Available in two widths, 21”(533mm) and 24”(610mm), with its short wheelbase between front roller and rear roller, this machine is ideal for undulating surfaces.

The ultra-lightweight of the Paladin means it can be used even in wettest of conditions with super-low ground pressure. This is one of the lightest mowers in the market.

The Transmission is the heart of the Paladins performance, with independent clutches which have a unique system in preventing the machine from the snatching on take off, ensuring fine turf is not damaged. The Machine construction is of high-grade aluminium casting.

  • Twin adjuster for precise cut-heights
  • Available in 21”(533mm) and 24”(610mm)
  • Ultra-lightweight for low ground pressure
  • Range of blade options


Paladin Dual

  • Specification21”24"

    21” (533mm)

    24" (610mm)

  • Powered Transport Wheels

    For fast transit between greens