Friday 17 November 2023

Lloyds Paladin TG performs for the Loughborough Schools Foundation

The Lloyds Paladin TG is one of the best performing mowers on the market according to Chris Parry, Head Groundsperson for the Loughborough Schools Foundation.

The Loughborough Schools Foundation is a charity which comprises a nursery, two complementary prep schools and three senior schools. The unique family of independent schools boasts excellent academic results, and the Foundation is also committed to maximising the sporting potential of its pupils through the provision of extensive curricular and extracurricular programmes and first-class facilities.

Chris, along with a team of eight grounds staff, oversees the maintenance of 122 acres of grounds, gardens and sports facilities across three sites which are also used by a number of community clubs and organisations.

Chris has used a lot of different turf maintenance equipment throughout his career. After using Lloyds Paladin mowers for several years on his cricket squares, he believes there aren’t any mowers which can outperform them.

The Lloyds Paladin self-propelled mower with single 'click adjuster' gives the finest cut to the finest turf on cricket squares. The single 'click adjuster' makes changing between cut heights simple and quick, ideal for cricket. Available in two widths, 21” (533mm) and 24” (610mm), with its short wheel base between front roller and rear roller, the ultra-lightweight of the Paladin means it can be used even in wettest of conditions with super-low ground pressure.

This is one of the lightest mowers on the market. The transmission is the heart of the Paladin’s performance, with independent clutches which have a unique system in preventing the machine from the snatching when starting the mower, ensuring fine turf is not damaged.
The Lloyds Paladin TG has all the features and performance of the Paladin but with the added benefit of a groomer which is fitted very closely between the cutting cylinder and the grooved front roller. The groomer aids healthy growth by removing the lateral grasses and other debris thus further aiding the playability of the surface.

“The rotating groomer is a huge benefit. It is fantastic for thinning out the sward and for thatch control,” said Chris. “When choosing the machine, we wanted a dedicated mower for our cricket squares and looked at lots of options, but we all felt that the Paladin TG was a very light and well-balanced mower. We use them to cut down to 6mm and they provide an excellent quality of cut every time. The height of cut is easily adjusted too, which is another benefit.

“I’ve been using them for years now and they always go in for a regular service at the end of the season – they just keep going and going,” continued Chris. “It also helps that, since the purchase of Lloyds by the Howardson Group, the factory is just 40 minutes down the road from us.

“Everyone has a different opinion on turf machinery – it all comes down to personal preference. For me, the Paladin gives me everything I need to produce the best surface I can possibly achieve.”